Ranking the 10 worst first-round NFL Draft picks of the last decade

Who are the 10 worst 1st-round NFL Draft picks of the last decade?
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The NFL Draft is an inexact science, but some disasters can be seen from a mile away. The reality of the NFL Draft is that only a certain percentage of picks are going to actually work out. It's always unfortunate to see guys become "busts" but some situations are brought on by the players themselves.

Others are brought on by the team and the circumstances they've thrust players into. Let's take a look at the last decade of the NFL Draft and try to pick the 10 worst selections made. Some of these players simply never contributed to their teams, or never contributed in a positive way. Other players were selected before far better options. Some of these picks embarrassed the franchises that drafted them. Whether it's a lack of statistical production, off-field issues, or over-drafting by certain teams, let's rank the absolute worst first-round picks over the last 10 years.

1. Isaiah Wilson, OT, Titans (2020)

It's pretty insane to think that a first-round pick only appeared in one career game, and it didn't have anything to do with injuries. Isaiah Wilson came into the NFL with some warning labels for his lack of experience, but it turned out to be a general lack of care for the game and inability to carry himself as a professional that would be his downfall.

The 2020 NFL offseason was tough for everyone, but clearly prevented the Tennessee Titans from getting a beat on the person they were drafting here in Wilson, and he ended up making a series of very poor choices as an NFL rookie. He was cut in just his second offseason with the Titans. He got chances with both the Dolphins and Giants, but hasn't stuck with any team and was suspended three games by the NFL in 2023.

2. Damon Arnette, CB, Raiders (2020)

The Las Vegas Raiders made Damon Arnette a shocking first-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft after most people expected him to go in the second or third round at the earliest. He didn't have a good pre-draft process and his lack of athleticism and refinement as a prospect showed up in a big way over his first two years with the Raiders.

Which ended up being his only two years with the Raiders. Arnette was cut after he posted video on his social media carrying firearms and making death threats.

He's somehow gotten multiple chances in the NFL since then (Dolphins, Chiefs) but has been cut by both and has been arrested multiple times since he posted that video in 2021, including as recently as January 2024.