Ranking the 10 worst first-round NFL Draft picks of the last decade

Who are the 10 worst 1st-round NFL Draft picks of the last decade?

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5. Josh Rosen, QB, Cardinals (2018)

Josh Rosen didn't have a great situation with the Arizona Cardinals when he was drafted in 2018, but he was put in a couple of better situations with both the Dolphins and 49ers and still couldn't find a way to stick around in the NFL more than three years.

Rosen was the starter for Arizona in 2018 and things couldn't have gone worse. He threw 14 interceptions, fumbled 10 times, and was sacked 45 times in just 14 games. The 2018 quarterback class was supposed to be a can't-miss class for teams in need, and the Cardinals felt like they had gotten a steal in the former UCLA star.

He was traded after one season with the team when the Cardinals pivoted to Kyler Murray.

6. Johnny Manziel, QB, Browns (2014)

If Johnny Manziel would have loved the grind of football, he probably would have been one of the best picks of the last 10 years. But as we all saw and heard in his Netflix documentary, Manziel really just didn't love the game enough, not in every aspect.

The Browns have been a disastrous team through the years, but Manziel didn't do himself or the franchise any favors for the way they believed in him enough to draft him in the first round. The former Heisman Trophy winner will always be one of the tragic "what if" stories of the NFL. The Browns cut him after just two years with the team.