Ranking the 10 worst first-round NFL Draft picks of the last decade

Who are the 10 worst 1st-round NFL Draft picks of the last decade?

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7. Mitchell Trubisky, QB, Bears (2017)

Mitchell Trubisky had his 15 minutes of fame with the Chicago Bears, somehow earning a Pro Bowl nod during the 2018 season as the Chicago Bears had some nice team success. Trubisky was the 2nd overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft in which the Bears originally held the 3rd overall pick.

They chose Trubisky over Patrick Mahomes, which no one has let them live down in the years that have followed this pick. Trubisky has only ever played above replacement level for a handful of games in his NFL career, and proved this past year with the Steelers that he's not even really a reliable backup option.

8. Kenny Pickett, QB, Steelers (2022)

Speaking of Steelers quarterbacks, how about Pittsburgh's 2022 first-round pick Kenny Pickett?

Pickett's NFL career got off to a rough start with his first-ever pass being picked off by safety Jordan Whitehead. In 25 career games, Pickett has only managed to throw 13 touchdown passes. It's remarkable inefficiency considering Pickett has played on a team with a dominating defense that is constantly giving him chances with extra possessions.

Now, after two disturbingly bad years of QB play, the Steelers are resetting and traded Pickett to the Eagles. They're onto Russell Wilson and Justin Fields instead.