Ranking 5 QBs with most pressure heading into the 2024 NFL Playoffs

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants
Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants / Mike Lawrence/GettyImages
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Win or go home time is here, and we've got our matchups for Wildcard weekend! The pressure is cranked up high – the playoffs either create diamonds or become the crucible for the next set of QBs to get crushed by the media. However, not all signal-callers face the same level of pressure. Take Patrick Mahomes, for instance; he’s one of those guys playing with house money.

With two rings already to his name, there aren’t many expectations weighing him down. Joe Flacco is another who doesn’t have to sweat the pressure. He’s been here before, leading another AFC North team to glory, and hey, he might just face them in the next round.

Don't expect too see Jordan Love on this list, he did something Aaron Rodgers couldn't do last season, help lead his team to the playoffs. Matthew Stafford is one of the other quarterbacks who doesn't have to worry about failing in the playoffs. He left Detroit two seasons ago and won a title with the Rams, so he's good. Jalen Hurst has a down year, but he was the man behind center that dang near beat the Chiefs in the Super Bowl, so he's good.

Brock Purdy didn't make the list despite playing for the Super Bowl favorite. He shed the moniker of Mr. Irrelevant as he made the case for MVP. He's playing with house money on a team that has its window open as long as Kyle Shanahan is the coach. While they can breathe easy, there are five quarterbacks facing a whole lot more pressure than the rest.