Ranking last 10 first overall NFL Draft picks of the last decade

Let's try our best to rank the last 10 first overall NFL Draft picks over the last decade!

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9. Jameis Winston, QB, (drafted by Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Perhaps the funniest and most liked player in the NFL, Jameis Winston hasn't come close to living up to his first-overall pick status and has played on a plethora of teams since being drafted almost 10 years ago. If nothing else, he seems to be a very strong locker-room guy and seems beloved by his teammates. At the least, he can raise the floor of a QB room as a high-end backup.

8. Travon Walker, DE, Jacksonville Jaguars

Travon Walker going first overall seemed to be mostly due to his insane athletic profile and the ceiling that comes with that. He did play much better in his sophomore year, hitting the double-digit sack mark. However, Walker didn't seem to be the right selection in the 2022 NFL Draft, as Aidan Hutchinson was the likely better prospect and is currently the better pro.

We'll see if Walker can make another leap in his third season.

7. Jadaveon Clowney, DE, (drafted by Houston Texans)

A well-traveled veteran and respectable pass-rusher, Jadaveon Clowney, in 2023, had the best season of his NFL career, 10 years into it. Clowney has not stuck with a team for more than two year besides the start of his career with the Texans. He's also never had a double-digit sack year but does get a nice payday with each contract he signs. He is now playing for the Carolina Panthers and has not at all lived up to his draft status.