Ranking last 10 first overall NFL Draft picks of the last decade

Let's try our best to rank the last 10 first overall NFL Draft picks over the last decade!

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6. Trevor Lawrence, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars

Previously given the "generational" label, Trevor Lawrence has played three years in the NFL, having one strong year and two shaky years. A conversation needs to be had about Lawrence if he can't put a strong season together in 2024. The Jaguars have gone 9-8 in each of the last two seasons, so there's some winning football, but barely.

Trevor Lawrence's high status as a prospect has not translated into the success that many thought he'd have. The Jaguars front office hasn't done him the best of favors, but a lot of us surely expected a bit more from T-Law through three years.

5. Baker Mayfield, QB, (drafted by Cleveland Browns)

Baker Mayfield has a 2-2 playoff record with 10 TDs, three interceptions, and a 100.4 passer rating. He's won playoff games with two different franchises and settled into his starting role in Tampa Bay for 2023, which earned him a rich contract extension. Mayfield is yet another first overall pick that has not lived up to the status, but he did rebound nicely after being thrown away by the Browns in the Deshaun Watson deal.

4. Kyler Murray, QB, Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray is one of the only true dual-threat passers in the NFL and he is going to have an MVP-caliber season in 2024. Drafted in 2019, the Cardinals had taken Josh Rosen high in the 2018 NFL Draft, but his rookie season was bad enough for the Cards to again to a hard reset at QB and take Murray, who tore his ACL during the 2022 NFL Season and missed a chunk of the 2023 season.