Ranking the three strongest positions of the 2024 NFL Draft

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3. Corner need more hype going into the 2024 NFL Draft

Teams can never have too many corners. And this year has one of the standout groups of the 2024 NFL Draft. At the forefront are top-tier prospects like Alabama's Terrion Arnold and Clemson's Nate Wiggins, who are not just first-round locks but also versatile fits for multiple defensive schemes due to their blend of size, speed, and coverage skills.

The depth continues into Day 2, where Iowa's Cooper DeJean emerges as a notable prospect. Graded notably for immediate impact, DeJean's adaptability shines, making him a potential starter in Cover Three press schemes or as a slot corner and even transitioning smoothly into a safety role. His versatility, combined with instinctive play, positions him as a valuable asset ready to make an immediate impact on NFL defenses.

Continuing with Day 2, prospects like Kamari Lassiter and Cam Hart are expected to be available. Lassiter's impressive instincts and Hart's physicality against larger receivers allow them to fit into multiple defensive schemes, from press-man to more zone-oriented systems.

Teams needing taller, scheme-specific corners with length and size can find them on Day 2 and Day 3. Players such as Ro Torrence, Jarius Monroe, and T.J. Tampa stand out with their imposing statures, offering defensive coordinators the luxury of matching up against the league's larger, more physical receivers.