Ranking the top-10 Head coach/Quarterback duos in the NFL

What head coach/quarterback duos are the best in the NFL?
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9. Sean McVay/Matthew Stafford - Los Angeles Rams

Remember, this duo is just in their second year removed from winning a Super Bowl together. Matthew Stafford and Sean McVay, in their first year together in 2021, proved that they were both elite at what they do. Since then, though, the Los Angeles Rams have a losing record and Stafford isn't nearly as efficient as he was in 2021.

I don't think Stafford lasts more than three years in the NFL as a starter. He's approaching his late-30s and doesn't seem to have a lot left. He's also been a player that has battled through a ton of injuries during his career. He doesn't miss a ton of game action, but playing through injuries does have an impact after a while.

McVay has proven to be an elite offensive mind, and Stafford was criminally underrated during his tenure with the Detroit Lions. This is still one of the better HC/QB duos in the NFL, but I think the marriage is going to end within the next couple of years. Random thought: Is Matthew Stafford a Hall of Famer? I think he is.