Ranking the top-10 Head coach/Quarterback duos in the NFL

What head coach/quarterback duos are the best in the NFL?
Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins
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7. Dan Campbell/Jared Goff - Detroit Lions

How about the quick turnaround from the Detroit Lions? Jared Goff went from "meh" starter cast away to the Lions in 2021 to an elite passer on one of the best teams in the NFL. Dan Campbell's rugged and inspirational coaching style has rubbed off on the team, and General Manager Brad Holmes has done an amazing job with the roster.

Detroit still showns a bit of inconsistency, though. They've beaten good teams but also take blowout losses like a couple of weeks ago against the Baltimore Ravens. The roster doesn't have a ton of playoff experience, which may come back to bite them, but this could be a case of them simply not knowing any better since they're young.

I think Jared Goff is also someone who should be in the MVP conversation as well. There's just a ton to like about this team and this duo. Goff has also played in a Super Bowl before, so this team isn't one to disregard when playoff time rolls around.