Russell Wilson top 3 teams to avoid in 2024 NFL Free Agency

Where will Russell Wilson avoid in free agency?

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos
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2. Las Vegas Raiders

This is one situation that keeps getting brought up for Russell Wilson that just makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.

The Las Vegas Raiders are not giving the vibe of an ascending franchise at the moment. As admirable as it is that the team rewarded Antonio Pierce for his efforts as the interim head coach by giving him the full-time gig, I'm just not certain how stable this situation is going to be.

Not to mention, the Raiders missed out on their top OC target this offseason (Kliff Kingsbury) and had to settle for former Chicago Bears OC Luke Getsy. The Raiders also have Aidan O'Connell on the roster, and frankly, O'Connell played well enough last year that bringing in Russell Wilson to take his place would be a complete waste of his development.

And knowing how well O'Connell played last year could also give the Raiders the itch to pull the plug on Russ rather quickly if things aren't going well.

I'm sure Wilson would love to get a shot at playing the Broncos and Sean Payton next year, but if revenge is the only motivating factor for signing in Las Vegas, then he should skip this one. It's not a fit.