Steelers QB Russell Wilson now has a huge incentive to play well in 2024

This would be right up Russell Wilson's alley.
Boston Red Sox v Pittsburgh Pirates
Boston Red Sox v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

It's no surprise or secret that Russell Wilson loves the attention and spotlight. Well, he's got a great incentive to play well in 2024 now. Now on his third team in four seasons, Russell Wilson is damaged goods at this point. He's not nearly the player he was during his tenure with the Seattle Seahawks. In fact, the Denver Broncos decided they'd rather incur the largest dead cap hit in NFL history AND pay Wilson nearly $40 million in 2024 to not play for them.

Folks, if that doesn't tell you where Russell Wilson is as a QB in the NFL, I don't know what will. Well, somehow, the Pittsburgh Steelers did have an awful QB situation in 2023 that was several tiers worse than Russell Wilson. Amazingly, the QB is an upgrade over what Pittsburgh had. With recent news that the 2026 NFL Draft is coming to Pittsburgh, Russell Wilson has a huge incentive to play well for the Steelers.

Could you imagine for a second Russell Wilson walking out onto the NFL Draft stage in Pittsburgh? As a resident of the Steel City, I can attest to just how devoted this place is to their Steelers. It's a football town through and through, and if Wilson came out onto the stage waving a terrible towel, the crowd would lose it.

And since Wilson does love the spotlight and attention, how could he say no to something like that? The Pittsburgh Steelers signed Wilson to a one-year deal this offseason. If he plays well, you have to figure that both sides would have strong interest in doing a short-term deal, perhaps in the two-year range.

It'd be the last big payday of Wilson's career, and the Steelers would buy some time to find a more long-term option. Russell Wilson craves attention, and being at the NFL Draft in the 'Burgh with thousands of Steelers fans cheering their heads off would be perfection.