Steelers schedule: Predicting the score of all 4 remaining games

Will the Pittsburgh Steelers be able to make the playoffs over their final four games?
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Week 16: Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Saturday, December 23, 4:30 PM ET

No Joe Burrow, but the Cincinnati Bengals haven't really skipped a beat these days. At least, for the last couple of weeks. This Bengals team has proven some impressive resilience, and they've scored 68 points over the last two weeks with Jake Browning at the helm.

But can they go on the road and get a late-December win against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

That will be easier said than done. If the Steelers win in Week 15, then this home game will give them the opportunity to get to Mike Tomlin's seemingly inevitable nine wins. If the Bengals come out swinging offensively like they have been, it could end up being a long day for the Steelers.

But this is a Mike Tomlin-coached team, playing at home, in late December, against a backup quarterback. I mean, backup QBs aren't going to keep cooking against this Steelers team like we saw from Bailey Zappe with the Patriots, right?

The Steelers need this game badly, especially because the Bengals could be gunning for their playoff spot. I have a feeling we're going to see some resilience from the Steelers over the next couple of weeks, including in this game.

Prediction: Steelers win 22-20