The Chicago Bears are better off with JJ McCarthy instead of Caleb Williams

Contrary to popular belief, the Chicago Bears should pass on USC's Caleb Williams and go with an underrated yet proven winner in Michigan's JJ McCarthy

2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington
2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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Turn on ESPN, FOX, or any channel you could possibly think of. The consensus is the Chicago Bears must draft USC's Caleb Williams No. 1 in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Why not? After all, Williams was a Heisman Trophy Winner, and is labeled by many as a "generational prospect". We cannot lie, his arm strength is nice, and he can make the wow plays. Williams' style of play put USC back on the map, and frankly, it was much needed, considering how historic the Trojans have been in college football lore.

But last we checked, that can't be the end all be all. Moreover, there are some red flags. One, the refusal to distribute medical records. Ok, you don't want to do that, that's all fine but it doesn't leave a good impression. That's not a character assassination that seems to be the immediate reaction in today's soft world.

There are also concerns with how Williams' father Carl has handled the situation, specifically regarding a potential ownership stake. The Athletic's Kalyn Kahler, one of the premier journalists in the business, reported that Carl Williams questioned the NFL rookie wage scale, the draft declaration deadline, eligibility rules, medical testing, etc.

The elder Williams also expressed disdain regarding the entire draft process, citing “the worst possible team, the worst organization in the league — because of their desire for parity — gets the first pick.”

Frankly, while it is a level of concern being shown by a parent for his son, it contradicts what Caleb has said about being an ultra competitor. If Caleb is that, he should have no fear of going to the Windy City and turning the situation around, and his father's words shouldn't have much of an impact. But because of these issues coming around, the Bears may be in their right mind to pass.

This is not to say Caleb Williams is a bad kid or bad prospect, this is merely questioning generational level talent. That word is passed around so frequently, there isn't a good meaning or good definition of one anymore.

So whom do you take if Williams is not it? Jayden Daniels comes to mind. He too has a Heisman Trophy in his possession, and with no outside questions, is a good man to bring in, but he's not it. Drake Maye? The first words that come to Chicago minds is Mitchell Trubisky (UNC Connection), but Maye isn't the guy either, even though he had more college starting experience than Trubisky. There's one other, and believe it or not, he's actually underrated.

Meet Jonathan James (JJ) McCarthy, the quarterback from the University of Michigan. Instantly, many will groan, and some fans (Ohio State and Michigan State) will be quick to jump out of their cheap tailgate chairs to screech the issue of the scandal that supposedly took place in Ann Arbor en route to a Wolverine National Championship.

Here's a tiny response. GET OVER IT. This is not about college, this is about whether or not McCarthy can be the quarterback of the Bears. The answer is yes. It may not be the popular choice, but who cares about popularity unless you happen to be an obsessed with ratings individual. It's easy to act like a sheep and follow the flock, but when is it that you break away and make a decision for yourself?

Quite frankly put, JJ McCarthy is underrated. In the cutthroat world of professional football, decisions at the quarterback position can make or break a franchise. Chicago finds itself at a crucial crossroad, staying with Justin Fields or moving on.

While both Williams and McCarthy boast impressive resumes in terms of on the field production, McCarthy stands head and shoulders above Williams for a multitude of reasons that extend far beyond the superficial.