The Chicago Bears are better off with JJ McCarthy instead of Caleb Williams

Contrary to popular belief, the Chicago Bears should pass on USC's Caleb Williams and go with an underrated yet proven winner in Michigan's JJ McCarthy

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The Chicago Bears cannot follow the flock and must choose an underrated JJ McCarthy as their next franchise QB instead of Caleb Williams

Let this be very clear. No one is saying JJ McCarthy should go No. 1 overall. That's ridiculous. But, what it does mean is that the Bears should invest one of their two first round picks on him. In other words, trade back from No. 1, land a haul, and then take JJ with one of the two firsts and build around him.

Why JJ of all people then? Some of you may want to know. OK, let's break it down. McCarthy brings a proven track record of success to the table, going 27-1 in college and coming off a national championship.

Sure, he had an elite O-Line and running game behind him, but when it was time to make a play, the Illinois native delivered. The Bears need a quarterback who thrives under pressure, not one who crumbles in crucial moments. Williams didn't do that this past year, McCarthy did, especially with the nonsense brewing off the field.

Additionally, Bears GM Ryan Poles stresses character. Granted, he also wants men who are tough, violent, and fast. McCarthy is a tough individual. He doesn't get scared easily, and he always backs up his teammates regardless of how rough the situation is. In a city that demands accountability, the Bears can ill-afford to roll the dice on a quarterback with a questionable background.

Quarterbacking in the NFL is a high-pressure job, and McCarthy has showcased an uncanny ability to maintain composure in the face of adversity. His calm demeanor and ability to make sound decisions under pressure set him apart from Williams, who has displayed occasional signs of erratic play when the stakes are high.

While the football world may be enamored with the flashy plays and highlights of Williams, McCarthy's consistent and underrated skills should not be overlooked. The Bears need a quarterback who can consistently deliver, game in and game out, rather than one who relies on sporadic moments of brilliance. McCarthy's ability to fly under the radar only makes him a more valuable asset for a team looking to build a sustainable winning culture.

It's an unpopular choice, but the Bears need to make a move that benefits them in the long haul and not one that satisfies a sheep mentality or TV ratings. Not all "generational prospects" turn out to be superstars. Others can win as well. Granted, it may mean bias against them through analysis on television, but when the wins come, so does the begrudging acceptance.

Chicago, if you read this, take JJ McCarthy. He may not be the flashiest thrower, or the fastest, or the most exciting prospect, but he wins games, and at this point, you haven't done that in a long time. Take him, build around him, and watch yourself reap the benefits. Winners win games, not flashiness. Even Patrick Mahomes wins games with consistency.

A flash here and there is nice, but consistency and character matter. Don't fall for the flash, fall for the things that matter. Again, this is just a thought, take what you want from it, but don't regret it later on. Do what you feel is right, and make the best choice possible. This city needs a championship, and the sooner the better.

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