The Chicago Bears shouldn't focus on drafting a QB

The Chicago Bears had a tremendous offseason, but a terrible start to the season
Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears
Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

After acquiring D.J. Moore and other players in the offseason, the Chicago Bears are 2-6 and have a possibility of getting two top-five overall picks. That would mean the chance of Chicago getting the #1 pick again, meaning they might draft a Quarterback. One of the two quarterbacks they can choose from is Caleb Williams who is considered one of the best draft prospects since Trevor Lawrence.

But it would not be the best thing for Caleb Williams if he is drafted to Chicago. The Chicago Bears are notorious for their defense and never having a franchise quarterback for a lengthy amount of time. Recently they've drafted Justin Fields and Mitchell Trubisky and have failed to surround each of them with the right help. Trubisky had the talent at the skill positions but lacked coaching and development.

The Bears failed Justin Fields in getting the right talent and development aspects of the game. Years one and two Fields lacked talent at wide receiver and on the offensive line. During, this past offseason, the Bears acquired D.J. Moore to help their receiver problem. The offensive line is still struggling despite a few acquisitions over the summer.

The Bears have failed to build teams around their last two drafted QBs and struggled to build teams around Jay Cutler. During Cutler's career in Chicago, he had talent at receiver and was given a good defense, but the offensive line was atrocious for most of his time in Chicago. Another problem for the Chicago Bears during that time was getting the right coaches. for the first two years, Cutler had Lovie Smith as a Head Coach

After firing Lovie they hired Marc Trestman and that hire sent the Bears spiraling after a few seasons they fired Trestman. This led to John Fox being Cutler's head coach for a year. So the Chicago Bears front office has failed at providing the appropriate pieces around their last three franchise QBs.

I want to shed light on Fields before his injury he played well passing for 335 yards and 4 TDs against the Broncos. Next game he passed for 282 yards and 4 TDs. Fields seemed to be figuring out the offense and building better connections with his receivers. And to draft a new QB would be a setback rather than keeping Fields and building for the future.

Drafting a player like Williams or Maye would be a setback as the Bears are an incompetent franchise, never being able to build a team around their QBs. Plus, Williams or Maye aren't guaranteed to be good. So, the Chicago Bear should focus on building around Fields this April.