These 5 NFL teams are spending way too much money at running back

WAY too much.
New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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The running back position in the NFL is one that is turning into an extremely replaceable position. Which teams are spending the most? Spending a ton of money at running back isn't the best practice, but some teams still do it each and every season.

They may never learn, but in the rare case, some teams can actually find a decent turn on their RB investment. For many, though, it ends up being a bad deal. Which five teams are spend the most money at RB for the 2024 NFL Season?

These 5 NFL teams are spending way too much money at running back
5. Carolina Panthers - $15.28 million

The Carolina Panthers threw a free agent contract at Miles Sanders last offseason, but that clearly didn't work out. A new regime in Carolina may end up cutting Sanders later this offseason. The Panthers also have Jonathon Brooks from the 2024 NFL Draft, Mike Boone, Rashaad Penny, Chuba Hubbard, and Raheem Blackshear wanting to earn some reps in the backfield.

4. Detroit Lions - $15.7 million

The Detroit Lions are quite the fun team, and they're one club that has the luxury to spend a bit more on the RB position. They remodeled their RB room last offseason with David Montgomery in free agency and Jahmyr Gibbs in the 2023 NFL Draft, and that stable worked out quite well for them. I'd expect Gibbs to have a monster year and even compete for the Offensive Player of the Year award.

3. Arizona Cardinals - $19.6 million

The Arizona Cardinals might be one of the more fun teams in the NFL for the 2024 Season. They rank third in the NFL in running back spending this year, coming in just shy of $20 million. The Cardinals offense got a much-needed infusion of talent with Marvin Harrison Jr. Kyler Murray is also going to shock some people in 2024.

James Conner's current contract with the team gives him $13.5 million in guarantees.

2. San Francisco 49ers - $19.05 million

The San Francisco 49ers might be the only team in the NFL who can justify paying their running back as much as they are. The deal that Christian McCaffrey is on was actually signed when he was with the Carolina Panthers. Since arriving in San Francisco, McCaffrey has rushed for 2,205 yards and also has 1,028 receiving yards. He's got 3,233 scrimmage yards and 31 touchdowns in just 27 games with the Niners.

He does turn 28 this summer and has over 1,800 touches in the NFL, so you have to wonder when the wear and tear will catch up to him.

1. New Orleans Saints - $28.03 million

Yuck. The New Orleans Saints constantly put on a class of how to not finance a football team. Alvin Kamara is the big contributor to this near-$30 million number. Kamara isn't the player he once was, and I would not be surprised to see him on a new team by the time the 2024 NFL trading deadline rolls around.

The Saints need some long-term cap space, and shedding an overpaid running back would be a good start.