This Denver Broncos mock draft gives team long-term success

The Denver Broncos have several long-term issues on their roster.

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The Denver Broncos do have a chance to fill some long-term needs on their roster, and they do this in this 2024 NFL mock draft. The clearest way for the Broncos to set themselves up nicely for the long-term might be to trade down from their 12th overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. In that scenario, they might be able to land Oregon's Bo Nix, who is a great fit for Sean Payton's offense.

Then, with the extra capital they got from the trade down, they could look to fill their additional long-term needs. With a strong coaching staff in place, the Denver Broncos could be a dangerous team in the present and future if they can do well in the NFL Draft. Let's put together a Broncos mock draft that gives them hope for the long-term.

This Denver Broncos mock draft gives team long-term success
29th Overall (via DET) - Bo Nix, QB, Oregon

I think the Denver Broncos don't have to sit at 12 to land Bo Nix. I believe they can trade down pretty significantly and land the efficient passer, who has a perfect skillset for Sean Payton's offense. The Broncos actually trade down two times in order to land at the 29th overall pick, where they rush to the podium to draft Bo Nix, who I think can be their Week 1 starter.