Titans Rumors: 3 Derrick Henry trades to get him a Super Bowl

If the Titans are really going to part ways, maybe they try and get him a ring while they're at it
Titans, Derrick Henry
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2. Kansas City Chiefs

Any time you talk about a big name on offense that could be traded, it seems the Kansas City Chiefs will pop up in discussions, especially because of the fact that they only have one big name for Patrick Mahomes to utilize, and that's tight end Travis Kelce.

Running back Isiah Pacheco has been good, and the guys behind him are fine, but the Chiefs are still in the middle of the pack in terms of rushing. They sit 18th in the league, averaging just over 111 yards per game.

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Pacheco runs hard, but Henry runs even harder. This could be a case where Mahomes might not have to do a whole lot, and it won't matter whether or not he has a big-time wide receiver. The Chiefs could become the aggressor, running it down the opposition's throat and allowing Mahomes to be special when he needs to be special.

Taking even the slightest attention away from Mahomes would make this offense even more lethal. Already, defenses are worried about he and Kelce. But, putting a threat like Henry in the back field? That's simply not fair. This is a trade that would break the NFL.