Titans Rumors: 3 Derrick Henry trades to get him a Super Bowl

If the Titans are really going to part ways, maybe they try and get him a ring while they're at it
Titans, Derrick Henry
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3. Baltimore Ravens

Finally, we come to maybe the perfect match; a match made in football heaven, if you will. Lamar Jackson is playing like an MVP as of late, and the Baltimore Ravens look like the best-possible candidate to knock of those Chiefs we were just talking about.

Baltimore lost J.K. Dobbins for the season, again, and has been turning to guys like Gus Edwards, Justice Hill, Keaton Mitchell, and even a couple of other veterans like Melvin Gordon and Kenyan Drake. It's been a plethora of backs in Baltimore, especially because of injuries to some of those players along the way.

Henry trade 3

Jackson and Henry in the back field is straight-up dangerous. It's a nightmare in the making for opposing defenses. Given the legs of Jackson and how electric he can be, plus the idea of Henry bulldozing his way through defenders, should send chills through the bones of every other defensive coordinator in the league.

Give the Ravens Henry, and you might have a team that knocks off Mahomes in the AFC Championship Game. That would be one heck of a matchup, that's for sure.