Top 5 NFL quarterbacks available in the 2024 free agent market

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Preparing for the upcoming season will be challenging for a handful of NFL franchises. Results from the 2023 campaign weigh heavily on decisions made in the off-season. The goal is improvement, and failing is not an option. Finding a quarterback to lead on and off the field is a headache for the most skilled General Manager. It’s a process that requires effort from multiple parties throughout the organization. Investing in the wrong gunslinger has long-lasting consequences that will put a contending franchise further behind its competition.

Who are the best Quarterbacks available in the 2024 free-agent market?

NFL Free-Agent Quarterback #5: Jacoby Brissett

Consistency is a commodity for offensive coordinators. It keeps the offense moving and balanced throughout the game. Managing the tempo of the offense is also a responsibility of the man under center. Unexperienced quarterbacks lack a feel for the gridiron. It leads to costly mistakes. Jacoby Brissett has made the most of his time on the gridiron. He is an experienced leader with an impressive resume. In 2016, the New England Patriots invested in the third-rounder quarterback. The following year, Brissett became the newest member of the Indianapolis Colts.

He earned more than 2,000 snaps as a starter and threw 31 touchdown passes. In 2021, Brissett relocated to South Beach to join the Miami Dolphins. He's also played for the Cleveland Browns and Washington Commanders during the last two seasons. Old age is a vital factor to consider before investing in an 8th-year veteran.

Offenses are shifting towards pass-first schemes. Brissett is experienced but is known for managing games. His spectacular play rating is par, but nothing special. A talented group of skilled players will pair perfectly with Brissett. He’s sharp but does not have enough in the tank to create ESPN's top ten highlights.