Top 5 NFL quarterbacks available in the 2024 free agent market

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
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NFL Free-Agent Quarterback #4: Gardner Minshew

Playmaking ability is beaconing a trait NFL scouts search for in quarterback prospects. Deep passes and adjustments at the line of scrimmage are mandatory for quarterbacks ranked within the top tiers. Athleticism is rare and can become lethal in crucial moments. Gardner Minshew is not a dual-threat quarterback, but he makes plays at the right time. He’s gusty and has earned the respect of his peers throughout his NFL career. The former sixth-round pick came into the league with a chip on his shoulder in 2019. His determination reflected on the field.

At the end of the season, Minshew had 285 completions and earned 3,721 passing yards. His performance as a rookie was noteworthy and resulted in a following gig with the Philadelphia Eagles. Minshew was a solid backup for Jalen Hurts. He worked diligently and kept games within reach. In 2023, the Indianapolis Colts called on the fifth-year veteran to sustain their playoff aspirations.

They were a game short, but could not place blame on the quarterback. Gardner Minshew stepped in and provided a spark for an injury-riddled offense. His 3,305 passing yards rank second highest in the young career. He is capable of leading an NFL offense. The question is, how long?

NFL Free-Agent Quarterback #3: Mason Rudolph

A late-season surge with the Pittsburgh Steelers gives an unsung hero an advantage on this list of free-agent quarterbacks. Mason Rudolph was known for his role as Kenny Picketts' backup heading into the 2023 campaign. By the end of the season, he became Mike Tomlin’s savior. Offensive stalemates have been an issue for the Steelers since the beginning of the season. It was an eyesore for fans who believed in Kenny Pickett’s potential for immediate impact.

Mistakes throughout the year resulted in changes in the locker room. Matt Canada was relieved, and job security became scarce. A knee injury in Week 13 sidelined Pickett, opening the door to a quarterback battle. Tomlin’s coaching staff forwarded first dibs to veteran quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. It did not take long before Rudolph earned his time to save Pittsburgh’s playoff aspirations.

The former third-round pick led the Steelers to three consecutive wins to close the campaign. His 9.7 yards per pass became his career high and earned clinch a playoff berth. Rudolph is a young quarterback with potential that franchises could build around if they have enough patience. He showed development in crucial moments for a respected franchise and deserves a job in 2024.