Top 5 NFL quarterbacks available in the 2024 free agent market

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NFL Free Agent Quarterback #2: Joshua Dobbs

Dual-threat quarterbacks open the playbook for offensive coordinators. They are hard to contain and unpredictable - making them a weapon against stout defenses. Joshua Dobbs earned a starting role with multiple franchises last year due to his dynamic playing style. He made the most of his opportunities, and it may result in another starting job in 2024.

Limited roles with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans provided limited time on the gridiron early in his career. In 2023, the Arizona Cardinals named the starting quarterback heading into Week 1. The former fourth-round pick experienced hardships but remained determined to make the best of the season. He was traded in Week 9 to the Minnesota Vikings to replace an injured Kirk Cousins. Dobbs finished the season with more passing yards (2,464) than Joe Burrow (2,309) and Kenny Pickett (2,070). He ranked 5th in rushing yards (421) among non-running backs and third in touchdowns (6).

NFL Free Agent Quarterback #1: Kirk Cousins

Two veterans are on the verge of becoming free agents by the second week of March. Baker Mayfield and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a business to discuss before both parties can prepare for the upcoming year. The franchise was successful last season and could re-sign the former first-round pick before the deadline. Kirk Cousins’ situation is not as cut and dry.

The Minnesota Vikings struggled to meet expectations in 2023. Cousins performed well on the field, but his injuries derailed his momentum. If the Vikings cut ties with Cousins, it would benefit them in the future. They would save funds to pay franchise players like Justin Jefferson and secure players for a competitive future.

The free agent market is for finding short-term answers to ongoing issues. Quarterbacks are hard to find but can become X-Factors if implemented in a complementing scheme. These quarterbacks are the best available and will find homes before the end of the off-season.

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