Updated 2024 NFL Draft order after Week 13 games

What does the top-10 look like in the 2024 NFL Draft?

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There has been some movement within the top 10 draft order in the 2024 NFL Draft as the Week 13 games come to a close. The race for the #1 overall pick is on! There has been a bit of movement in the top of the draft. And the likely prize in the 2024 NFL Draft is Caleb Williams, who is probably declaring.

Drake Maye is also the other projected top QB prospect in 2024. Both players have everything it takes to be a franchise quarterback in the NFL and there is surely going to be some teams who want to draft the players to reinvigorate their franchise. Let's look at the current top-10 order in the 2024 NFL Draft.

1. Chicago Bears (via CAR)

The Chicago Bears have the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, and it's because they own the Carolina Panthers' pick. They own the pick because of Carolina trading up to the top pick in 2023 for the right to have the top pick, which the Panthers used on Bryce young.

2. New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are a terrible team with a terrible roster and a terrible everything. Right now, if they do hold onto the second overall pick, they need to take a QB, and there's no excuse for them to not do it.

3. Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are moving down the draft board but still might be in a spot to get the player they want. I don't think they move on from Kyler Murray in the offseason, but rather I think they take a player on offense with this pick to bolster that unit.

4. Washington Commanders

Well, the Washington Commanders might already have their franchise QB in the building, so I think this pick needs to probably be along their offensive line if the right player is there. Washington needs a ton, so perhaps a trade down is also a possibility.

5. Chicago Bears

This is the team's own first-round pick, and I think WR and OL are their top needs when they get a new QB in the building. Making life easier for what is likely to be Caleb Williams should be the Bears' top priority.