Way too early free agency haul for the Chiefs in 2024

The Kansas City Chiefs will have some work to do next offseason.

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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DT Leonard Williams might help soften another blow for the Chiefs

I think the Chiefs and stud DT Chris Jones are headed towards a divorce. They weren't able to get in agreement on a new contract extension, so Jones is set to hit the open market in 2024, and is likely hoping for one more big payday. Well, while I think Jones will be offered an extension this coming offseason by KC, I personally do not think he returns to the team.

Someone who isn't on the same tier as Jones but will still get some production up front is Leonard Williams, who was traded from the New York Giants to the Seattle Seahawks at the trade deadline. This is turning into a dud of a trade for Seattle, as the team is riding a losing streak and don't look like much of a threat to make the postseason.

Williams is getting up there in age, so I'm sure he'd prefer to play for a contender. Well, with some of the money the Chiefs offered to Chris Jones, they could likely sign someone a tier or two below him in Leonard Williams. This offseason is going to be about figuring out the pass-catchers to help Patrick Mahomes, but they still will have some work to do on defense.