Which NFL teams have never won a Super Bowl in their team's history?

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Carolina Panthers

The worst team in the NFL in 2023, the Carolina Panthers are turning the page on that failed era and have brought in a ton of new faces, both on the roster and with the front office. New head coach Dave Canales' new task is trying to develop second-year QB Bryce Young. While the Panthers are at least two encouraging seasons away from competing, they will surely win more than two games in 2024.

2024 Super Bowl Probability: Let's just win more than 2 games first

Atlanta Falcons

Having a puzzling offseason to say the least, the Atlanta Falcons may have just made Kirk Cousins the highest paid bridge quarterback in NFL history. The $180 million contract makes no sense when you factor Michael Penix Jr into the mix. Nonetheless, the Falcons are the most talented team in the NFC South on paper and should win the division.

However, their ceiling is clear with Kirk Cousins.

2024 Super Bowl Probability: If the AFC team doesn't show up

Los Angeles Chargers

Winning the years-long Jim Harbaugh sweepstakes, the Los Angeles Chargers might have something brewing after years of underachieving with Justin Herbert. I tend to think that Herbert isn't quite as good as some think, but Jim Harbaugh has made a Super Bowl before, so you never know.

2024 Super Bowl Probability: Slight chance at best