Which NFL teams have never won a Super Bowl in their team's history?

Super Bowl XXV
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Detroit Lions

The last few years for the Detroit Lions have been quite impressive, and all of a sudden, this team seems to be in the best position they've ever been in to win a Super Bowl. They're very good at the most important positions and could again make a leap in 2023.

2024 Super Bowl Probability: They'll make the Super Bowl, but fall just short

Houston Texans

My pick for Super Bowl 59, the Houston Texans have had quite the rollercoaster ride over the last several seasons. Shipping Deshaun Watson away seemed to initially set this franchise back quite a bit, but with a strong 2023 NFL Draft, they're now among the NFL's elite.

2024 Super Bowl Probability: They'll make the Super Bowl and win.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars seemed to finally get something going for themselves when they selected Trevor Lawrence in the 2021 NFL Draft, but through three seasons, it's been an underwhelming career. They do have a Super Bowl-winning head coach, but it's going to take quite the magical run for them to win it this year.

2024 Super Bowl Probability: Could happen, but all the stars need to align