Which NFL teams will have the most cap space in the 2025 offseason?

Let's dive into a very early look at cap space in 2025.
New England Patriots OTA Offseason Workout
New England Patriots OTA Offseason Workout / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Even though the 2024 NFL Season has not even officially begun yet, that won't stop us from looking at the cap space situation for next offseason. These figures will most definitely change between now and 2025, but they'll likely be in the same ballpark.

Having a ton of cap space is generally a good thing, as it gives teams a ton of room to add players via free agency. Ideally, free agency should be used for teams who are clearly going all-in, or who need to sign a free agent to cover for an NFL Draft bust.

However, many different strategies are implemented in free agency. Let's take a way too early look at the cap space leaders for 2025, according to Over The Cap.

Which NFL teams will have the most cap space in the 2025 offseason?
5. Dallas Cowboys - $64.8 million

Oh how poorly the Dallas Cowboys have performed this offseason. I mean, this has been a total disaster by Jerry Jones and the rest of the front office. The Cowboys have not extended Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb, or Micah Parsons, so their future beyond 2024 all has to be in doubt.

However, with over $60 million in projected space in 2025, perhaps Dallas can right the ship and bit and get this thing fixed the way it should be. With Prescott and head coach Mike McCarthy both in the last year of their respective contracts, could a huge change be on the horizon? Is that why the Cowboys didn't spend a ton of money this offseason?

4. Washington Commanders - $71.1 million

I have not been a fan of what the Washington Commanders have done this offseason, but that is just one man's opinion. Next offseason, they are projected to have around $70 million in cap space, and if rookie QB Jayden Daniels shows some promise, this team might all of a sudden go all-in for 2025 and beyond.

GM Adam Peters is in the first year of his GM duties, but he did just some from the San Francisco 49ers organization, so he's been around some elite rosters. The Commanders could again be active in free agency next year.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers - $77.2 million

The Pittsburgh Steelers might end up using a good bit of this space in 2025 to pursue a major free agent QB. Their current QB room is housed by Russell Wilson and Justin Fields, and both are free agents next offseason. To me, it's not likely that Wilson or Fields stick around beyond this year, so GM Omar Khan could be on the hunt for a new QB.

Beyond that, the Steelers may also want to invest into their offensive and defensive lines, as the OL is currently unproven, and their DL personnel are getting old, namely TJ Watt and Cam Heyward. The Steelers should in in a great spot next year with over $75 million in cap space.

2. Arizona Cardinals - $88.3 million

The Arizona Cardinals could be a very good football team in 2025. They'll make quite the leap this year, but with another offseason where GM Monti Ossenfort can fill the roster with talent, the Cards could be ready to put the NFC on notice. Ossenfort seems to have done a nice job over his first two offseasons in rebuilding this roster, which was left barren by previous GM, Steve Keim.

The Cardinals might double their win total from 2023, and potentially flirting with a .500 record and also having nearly $90 million in cap space would be one of the more favorable situations in the NFL next offseason.

1. New England Patriots - $91.9 million

As of now, the New England Patriots could have well ove $90 million in cap space for the 2025 NFL Offseason. Frankly, the team desperately needs it, too. They've got perhaps the worst roster in football, and still need to invest a ton into their offensive line, and entire offense altogether. First-year head coach Jerod Mayo is going to endure quite the lean season in 2024, but 2025 could be the year when the Patriots begin to build something substantial.

Having this much cap space will certainly help their cause.