Which teams are spending the most money at the QB position for the 2024 season?

Cleveland Browns OTA Offseason Workouts
Cleveland Browns OTA Offseason Workouts / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

Teams across the NFL are spending tens of millions of dollars on the quarterback position for 2024. Which teams are spending the most? Overpaying for players is actually something that happens routinely in the NFL at this point. Overpaying at the QB position is especially brutal. Typically, though, large contracts always have an "out" after a few years.

So some of the teams who are spending a ton of money at the QB position can greatly reduce that number in the coming seasons. Which five teams are spending the most at the quarterback spot for 2024?

Which teams are spending the most money at the QB position for the 2024 season?
5. Los Angeles Rams - $54.4 million

Among all of the teams in the top five in QB spending for 2024, the Los Angeles Rams might be the only team spending their money wisely. Matthew Stafford is an elite QB and has been an elite one for years. He did end the 2023 NFL Season playing out of his mind, so there is reason to buy heavily into Stafford in 2024, which would be his age-36 season.

They also signed Jimmy Garoppolo to likely serve as their backup QB. Garoppolo does have to serve a two-gam suspension, though.

4. New York Giants - $54.68 million

This is actually embarrassing for the New York Giants, and them extending Daniel Jones was a fireable offense for GM Joe Schoen. You really have to wonder what Schoen was thinking when he inked Jones to that deal. But anyway, the Giants QB room is among the worst in the NFL, and there could be a hard reset at the position in 2025.

3. Dallas Cowboys - $63.3 million

Dak Prescott, ladies and gentlemen. The controversial QB is due for a contract extension this offseason, and it was largely expected that one was going to get done, but there isn't a new contract in sight for the QB. Prescott's first big contract paid him $40 million per season, and if he were to get a new deal with Dallas, it'd be worth at least $50 million per year.

But, beyond nice regular season statistics, Prescott doesn't offer much in the playoffs, so extending him would be an interesting decision.

2. Denver Broncos - $66.1 million

Oh boy. Now to be fair, the Denver Broncos have implemented an actual plan at QB. Taking Bo Nix in the 2024 NFL Draft and swinging a trade for Zach Wilson might make other teams laugh, but Denver is finally embracing something at QB that can turn into a long-term option.

The team also has Jarrett Stidham under contract and is paying nearly $40 million to Russell Wilson to not play for the team in 2024.

1. Cleveland Browns - $67.69 million

Look away, Browns fans. The Browns are spending the most money of any team in the NFL this year at the QB position, and it's Deshaun Watson who is costing them a metric ton of money. Cleveland signing him to a fully-guaranteed deal was kind of pathetic and is also turning out to be the worst contract in sports, as Watson has been a disaster since arriving in Cleveland.

Spending nearly $70 million at QB for one of the worst five starters in the NFL currently is brutal.