Zach Wilson seems to have given up on the New York Jets

Can you blame him?
Miami Dolphins v New York Jets
Miami Dolphins v New York Jets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

In a report that appears in The Athletic, the New York Jets want to make a move to bring Zach Wilson back into the lineup, but the QB is apparently reluctant to do so. How often does a player NOT want to go back into the starting lineup? Well, Zach Wilson appears to be one of those rare cases. In a totally lost year for the Jets, they've now cycled through multiple QBs after Aaron Rodgers' unfortunate Achilles injury.

Zach Wilson got a shot. That didn't work. Tim Boyle got some time. That didn't work. Trevor Siemian even got some time. That doesn't look good, and now apparently, the Jets want to insert Wilson back into the starting lineup. Well, Wilson doesn't seem to want that:

The New York Jets offense is hilariously bad, and it's clear that offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett is over his head and probably only got this job because of his strong relationship with Aaron Rodgers. Honestly, can you blame Zach Wilson? The Jets' offensive line is a total mess. The wide receivers are pretty inconsistent, and the play-calling is just brutal.

This has turned into a lost season for the New York Jets. They better hope that Aaron Rodgers can come back healthy from this torn Achilles. There's been reports that Rodgers would return to the lineup if the Jets were in playoff contention, but they clearly are far from a playoff team. The Jets played games with Zach Wilson over the years, and it culminated in them choosing an aging QB over him.

So, why would Zach Wilson want to come back into the lineup and play for them? Yes, I understand that Wilson isn't very good, but the Jets have also handled his tenure pretty poorly, so both sides definitely are at fault to a degree.