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New York Giants must draft a Playmaker - TD sports debate p2


NFL free agency has been good to the NY Giants, but the team still lacks offensive playmakers. Are there any out there, or must the G-men rely on the draft to find their next star? Dan Salem and Todd Salem debate in part two of this week’s TD Sports Debate. Two brothers from New York yell, scream and debate the NFL and sports.

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The question of play makers is tough because the New York Giants don’t know what they have quite yet.

David Wilson is an option at running back…theoretically. And if he’s healthy, he is a huge play maker, fumbles or not. However, it is conceivable that he never plays football again with his neck injury. So where does that leave the running back position? If Wilson is back, we’re fine. He and Rashad Jennings form a great combo. If Wilson is out or done, there’s a hole there. Jennings, or anyone for that matter in today’s NFL, can’t carry the whole load by himself.

The re-sign of Peyton Hillis was, I suppose, in case of a Wilson emergency replacement situation. I don’t see it though. Hillis was nearly useless last season. If Wilson’s future is in doubt, New York needs to spend at least a late-round draft pick on a back they like. There is no need to reach for one, but someone else at the position should be added. Maybe a Lache Seastrunk or Tre Mason are still around in the mid to late rounds of the draft. Someone outside of the top few at the position who has upside.

As for wide receiver, you are certainly correct in feeling dubious of Mario Manningham’s contributions. He is not an answer to who will replace Hakeem Nicks. However, that doesn’t mean that player isn’t already on the roster. Rueben Randle has tremendous upside and could fill in opposite Victor Cruz in the starting lineup. I also liked what Jerrel Jernigan was able to contribute towards the end of last season. However, like running back, we aren’t quite sure if either man is up to the task. So, receiver might need to be addressed in the draft as well.

The Giants attempted to go after some of the second-tier receivers in free agency, such as James and Jacoby Jones, but they were snapped up by other teams. However the draft is ripe with top-end wide receiver talent this season. The likes of Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans, Marqise Lee, Brandin Cooks and others are all likely to be first round picks. But again, like running back, I would be more in favor of NY stealing someone later who has some upside value.

I really like Kelvin Benjamin out of Florida State. There were also a number of highly touted receivers heading into 2013 that stumbled a bit during the season, lowering their stock for the ’14 draft; someone like Brandon Coleman out of Rutgers is a good example.

The reason I am hesitant to say the Giants should use a high pick on running back or wide receiver is because of the situation at tight end; namely, they don’t have one. The tight end has become one of, if not the biggest matchup problem in the league today. Brandon Myers was a bust last year for New York. The only tight end of note in free agency is Jermichael Finley, but he is attempting to return from that scary injury he had last year that almost ended his career, and whispers have him joining the Seattle Seahawks anyways.

Luckily for NY, this draft has a couple of high-caliber tight ends. Of course, it would mean using a first round pick on the position, which may be something Giants brass doesn’t wish to do. Nevertheless, grabbing one of these elite tight ends, either Eric Ebron or Jace Amaro, may be the last step necessary to solidify the play making core. I also like Austin Seferian-Jenkins, who could be had with a second round pick most likely. Any of these super athletic tight ends would come in and immediately make Eli Manning’s job easier.

And there you have it. It’s not very hard to create a roster full of play makers. The Jets should take notes.



Your logic and reasoning are fairly sound, but with a now stable defense and strong veteran quarterback the Giants would be smart to snatch any high caliber playmaker that’s available in the draft.

Waiting to grab a running back in the later rounds is definitely preferable to risking any early round pick on a reach, but they need to get some offensive talent with their early picks. Eli Manning needs a “Mr. Reliable.” He needs either a tight end, receiver, or running back out of the backfield who he can count on in check down situations. Manning was scrambling a ton last year and presumably that will change, but he needs new blood in the offense.

I agree the Giants should look to the tight end position first, but for your sake and Eli’s they can’t wait until the third round to draft a skill position player.

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  • arnie

    Playmaker. Soooooo you’re saying they will draft a QB?

    • big daddy

      Are you kidding? Notice Killdrive is gone but Manning is still here that says a lot. He will bounce back with an improved line and a run game. As long as the receivers get some separation, don’t drop so many passes and he has time to throw he will have a probowl year.

      • arnie

        Eli has been streaky. This is no secret since college. last season was simply the same player he’s always been.

        • big daddy

          All QBs are like that, they depend on their offense, even defense and STs to set them up. No QB can play at a high level with deficiencies, it will cause them to be as you say streaky. I have seen even the best QBs have issues like this, going back to Bart Starr, even Johnny U. If your line cannot block anybody the QB will look terrible unless he just hands off every play. Eli is a bit of a gunslinger and looks to make things happen, hence the 2 Super Bowl MVPs when it does. If the team executes they all look great, if not, not, it is a team sport despite how much the media tries to convince us otherwise.

  • big daddy

    I don’t think you understand the Giants. The reason they signed so many FAs is the win now mentality. They will draft BPA, within certain parameters, period. They will not draft a player now and hope he plays eventually, but they will stay with BPA. They do not draft for need, it’s BPA first and foremost and little regard to anything else, although some thought is given to position. Not enough thought IMO. This has actually hurt them in the past. Reese has been drafting Athlete first and football player second which is wrong, he must adjust or he will be replaced. He has gambled too much and reached for some players like the JPP of tightends. The Giants need contributions right away from their draft picks and this Coughlin sit on the bench for 3 years will no longer be allowed by Mara. Hillis was re-signed because he’s a good all around back at 250lbs. Those big backs don’t grow on trees and can punish a defense. He can spell Jennings a few snaps here and there until and if a replacement is found. That replacement is not Wilson, he’s a totally different type of back. The defense now has huge questions on the line. I expect the roster to look a bit different by training camp after the June 1st cuts. I expect some cheap fill in players at DE & DT will be signed, who nobody knows yet. There will be more cap cuts on that date. Fewell does not have the horses on the line to play a true Tampa 2 defense, he’s going to have to be creative unless JPP and Moore step up.