DeSean Jackson (10) carries the ball during the second quarter against the Chicago Bears at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles defeated the Bears 54-11. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Redskins favorites to land DeSean Jackson?

When the news broke that the Kansas City Chiefs were no longer interested in DeSean Jackson, the Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders immediately looked like the two favorites to land the former Philadelphia Eagles receiver. The Redskins have two terrific pass-catchers in Pierre Garcon and Jordan Reed, but they have little outside of those two and cannot afford an injury to either of them due to their lack of depth at WR. Adding Jackson would give the Redskins a massive upgrade at WR2, and it would also give Robert Griffin III a third talented playmaker.

Dan Snyder’s perceived willingness to spend big on Jackson has led the Redskins to look like an especially likely landing spot, whereas a homecoming for Jackson to the Bay Area is still something the Oakland Raiders need to investigate with thorough background checks.

According to Rich Tandler of CSN Washington, ESPN’s John Clayton reported on SportsCenter that the Washington Redskins are the front-runners for DeSean Jackson, as they would like to stick it to the rival Eagles twice a year, have him as a playmaker, and they seem to be willing to spend more than anyone else on him. The Redskins have plenty of cap space to make a move as do the Raiders, but it’s becoming clear that the Redskins are more willing to spend that money.

Ever since the rumors of the Redskins interest in Jackson first surfaced yesterday, things have heated up to an entirely new level. Right now, they are indeed the favorites, and this report from Clayton tells us that we need to keep especially close eyes peeled on Snyder, Bruce Allen, and the Redskins organization. An offense of Garcon, Reed, RG3, Jackson, and Alfred Morris would be very dangerous.

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