NFL Off-Season: Top QB Competitions

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Jun 17, 2014; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars quarterbacks Blake Bortles (5) and Chad Henne (7) chat during the first day of minicamp at Florida Blue Health and Wellness Practice Fields. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Since the QB position was a virtually exclusive position, QB controversies have been the name of the game in the NFL for decades. From Bledsoe vs. Brady to Montana vs. Young to Brees vs. Rivers to even Morton vs. Staubach, whenever a starting job is on the line, things tend to get a bit competitive on the practice field. Now many times the media plays a huge role in exaggerating and often times sensationalizing QB competitions when there is no competition to even begin with. In this article, my purpose is not to stir up the pot, nor to create controversy where there is none. I am simply comparing team’s quarterbacks in order to educate you (the fans) about each QBs potential and where each of the QBs are similar and where they are different. Each team’s QB position is unique and thus, I will be providing every angle, ranging from coaches to even comments from the players themselves.

Don’t forget to comment what you think! If there is a player who you think should win the competition over the other, comment below (that’s what it’s for). Tweet or facebook for all of your friends to see and follow me/NFLSpinzone on twitter if you want.

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  • trinity

    I think teddy and Derek Carr will start sooner rather than later. Jacksonville has already said they will sit bortles for a season, so I wouldn’t think of that as a competition. Just bortles learning. I don’t think Houston has a quarterback and I have no faith in Fitzpatrick. Locker will be the guy if he can stay healthy. I don’t think Cleveland will win with either Hoyer or manziel, so that whole situation has an air of futility to it. And I bet the jets go back and forth this year. Geno first, then Vick, then vick will probably get hurt, so it’ll be back to geno. At least they have some weapons now though.

  • 65yt

    When did you write this? 4 months ago TB was not doing well, and the Superbowl was playing.
    Also I don’t think Doug Martin tore his ACL, that’s in your leg, he hurt his shoulder.

  • Bevan Ryken

    For the RAIDERS to succeed in the long term, Matt Shaub needs to be productive and successful for the next 2-3 years, so that Derek Carr can learn, cultivate and absorb the knowledge of a top performing quarterback. I believe if it is done this way, Derek Carr would easily be a top 5 rating QB into the 2020′s. Carr has the natural and physical abilities. If he can learn the top level NFL knowledge and fast making game play decisions and readings from Shaub, I have no doubt that Derek Carr would be an elite quarterback that would ensure the QB legend that the Raiders have been missing for so long.