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Here at NFL Spin Zone, our job is to provide comprehensive coverage of the NFL without showing any bias. When you come on this site, you can be rest assured knowing that we are going to do our best to cover all 32 teams as evenly as possible, and we’re going to avoid tossing callous insults at a team just because they are struggling. When we analyze teams, players, or head coaches, we’ll always be fair, and we’ll usually stick to the positives instead of exaggerating struggles to make headlines. Narrative-driven drivel like, “Tony Romo sucks” and “Peyton Manning is a choker”? That’s not what you are going to read here.

Instead, we are going to bring you unfiltered analysis of all 32 teams, including observations, takeaways, previews, film breakdowns, mock drafts, features, player profiles, and more. There’s plenty to talk about in the NFL, and we’ll do our best to talk about it all. We give out a “Player of the Week” award each week, and we don’t just stick to the QBs or bigger-name players. No, we even gave one Player of the Week award to little-known Oakland Raiders DT Pat Sims for an epic game- and his team didn’t even win.

We’ll also give you power rankings, fantasy advice, and news galore. Need injury updates regarding players on your favorite team or on your fantasy team? We have them, and we churn out up-to-date news content every single day. NFL fans don’t take breaks, and we don’t mail it in either. We also strive to put our opinion into the news coverage, so even a post about Stevie Johnson missing practice won’t be bland. The “spin” in NFL Spin Zone? What we mean by “spin” isn’t bias or “spinning” a story (we’re not politicians here, after all), but rather putting our own “spin” on news takes by adding our own opinion to it.

Our goal is to create a site conducive to reader interaction, so we really want to hear from you. Criticisms? Go for it, because we are always game to have great football discussion and hear things that will make us better writers and learn more about the game. I mean, we all love the game and love to talk about it, right? And we want our comments section to reflect that. We want to be one of the “good guys” when it comes to covering the NFL, and that simple statement is something of a mission statement.

So peruse and enjoy the site, stay up-to-date on the NFL, read some features, comment if you feel like you have something to say, and like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter if you want more content from NFL Spin Zone.


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