Adam Schefter of ESPN recently said that there is "no way" the Rams don't ..."/> Adam Schefter of ESPN recently said that there is "no way" the Rams don't ..."/>

If Rams Draft Sam Bradford, Are They Out of the Vick Talks?


Adam Schefter of ESPN recently said that there is “no way” the Rams don’t draft former Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford with their first overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft.

That’s contrary to popular belief that the Rams have their eye on Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, but Schefter is rarely ever wrong so it’s certainly worth paying attention whenever he goes on record so adamantly.

But if the Rams do go ahead and draft Bradford, does that mean they’re no longer a trade partner for the Eagles and the services of Michael Vick?

The honest answer is that I just have no idea. They could still be interested in Vick, but he’s going to want a long-term deal if at all possible. At this point, however, I think he would just welcome any opportunity to start.

But then it doesn’t make sense for the Rams. Why would they trade a fourth round pick for a guy who will come in and start for one season just to give way to their draft pick when they could just start the young guy right away and get him his lumps?

The only way this really makes sense is if the Rams draft their guy, trade for Vick, and sign him to a brand new three-year deal that will really look more like a two-year deal.

Quarterbacks don’t like playing in the final season of their contract if at all possible, just like coaches don’t like coaching in the final season of their contract. They believe it undermines their leadership on the team, similar to a second-term president entering his eighth year.

Everyone is already looking ahead to the next regime, so it undermines the guy’s authority.

So if they give him a three-year deal that they can terminate after two, it will give them a quarterback they like for two seasons (at least) while they groom Bradford. Or if they decide to go with Bradford after one year, they could turn around and deal Vick to a different team knowing he has two years still left on his deal and isn’t a lame duck.

Personally, I still think the Rams have to take Suh. He’s the best player in this draft, and if they don’t take him, he won’t make it past the Lions at No. 2 overall.

Lions’ head coach Jim Schwartz has said the Lions are still just trying to acquire talent, which is exactly the right mind-set for a team looking to rebuild. The Rams certainly fit that mold, and now is not the time to be reaching for a guy who’s not worth the No. 1 overall pick.