Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

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Number 25: Jacksonville Jaguars – Last Week 26

How about the Jaguars? They might have lost by a decent amount of points, but they should feel good about their first half performance against the Eagles.

Number 26: New York Giants – Last Week 24

After finishing the preseason 5-0, the New York Giants were a completely different team against the Lions. Eli Manning looks like a shell of his former self and they need a lot of work defensively. Expect a makeover of player and coaching personnel over the offseason.

Number 27: St. Louis Rams – Last Week 25

The Rams were blown out by Minnesota in their home opener. The negative impact of losing Bradford was quite evident.

Number 28: Tennessee Titans – Last Week 30

The Titans played exceptionally well against the Kansas City Chiefs. They picked-off Alex Smith on three occasions and Jake Locker looked very comfortable. Good coaching debut for Ken Whisenhunt.

Number 29: Oakland Raiders – Last Week 29

Derek Carr looked good in his Oakland debut. Sure, he missed a few throws, but that was expected. Has Oakland finally found their quarterback of the future? For now, you would have to think so.

Number 30: Houston Texans – Last Week 31

Despite the win, all was not cheers in Houston. Jadeveon Clowney tore his meniscus and will miss at least 4-6 weeks.

Number 31: Cleveland Browns – Last Week 32

They were certainly competitive against Pittsburgh; however, losing Jordan Cameron and Ben Tate is not something to look forward to. Hopefully they can come back to full health sooner than later.

Number 32: Washington Redskins – Last Week 28

That’s a bad football team in Washington. The offense was stagnant, and defensively, they turned Ryan Fitzpatrick into a Pro Bowl quarterback. It wont be long until Jay Gruden is pressured into starting Cousins.