Chicago Bears, Still Who You Thought They Were


There is no reason to believe the Chicago Bears are any better than their current 4-6 record. It’s the kind of record that just spills out with mediocrity, missed hopes and shattered expectations. When the NFL schedule is announced each spring every fan circles the games they think their team can win. Against the Minnesota Vikings, this was one of those games.

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The Bears have shown how inept their defense is with 50+ points allowed in each of the last two games. There was reason to believe that the

Minnesota Vikings

, a team with no real offensive prowess had at least a chance to get a ‘W’ against this sad and life-less Chicago squad. It wasn’t like the Bears fateful had any more confidence being at home for this contest. They haven’t won their yet this season. Heck, the last time

Jay Cutler

won a game in Soldier Field

Johnny Manziel

was at a Frat Party.

The Bears ended up doing what they were supposed to do. Beat a less experienced and less talented team. This 21-13 win propelled them into third place in the NFC North division, three games behind the division leaders Detroit and Green Bay. Even with six games remaining most would say this season is already lost.

Is it all Mel Tucker and the defenses fault?

So what if they win again next week against a less superior Tampa Bay team. This is also the first time the Bears will play at home in back-to-back weeks this season. Pretend the Bears do what they’re supposed to do and win that game. All we would experience is every Chicago media outlet  filling our brains with blind commentary about the Bears playoff chances, flooding the airways with false hopes and barrel scraping analysis.

Once upon time is a long time ago if you’re a Bears fan. You’ve been waiting for a return to prominence and prestige in the NFL. You could almost taste it beginning with the 2013 season. It is now week 12 of the 2014 NFL season and it is clear it is not working, yet. The beloved team from Second City is nothing more than second-rate.

There will be better seasons ahead for the Chi-town fateful. There are smart people in the right positions within this organization. We can only hope they make the right decisions, and correct the ones that are wrong before too late.

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