NFC North: National 2015 NFL Draft Grades

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The 2015 NFL Draft has been in the books for a few days and that means one thing…it’s officially ‘grade season.’ Every media outlet and every NFL fan has an opinion about the draft. The most common way to express these opinions, in recent years at least, has been through assigned letter grades.

I took a peak around the internet and recorded how various outlets are grading the teams from the NFC North. Many fans scour the internet for draft grades in the days after the event to see how the sports world is responding to their team’s overall draft. Here you can see how the entire division stacks up against each other.

Fans of the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, and Detroit Lions all believe that their teams improved over the weekend, but one team of the four was the definite winner. Which team is it? Well, I couldn’t tell you yet — that would ruin all of the suspense.

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I can say that all four teams put together relatively strong drafts and no teams absolutely bombed. Although the general consensus is that one team dominated the division over the weekend and another definitely came in last, as far as the grades are concerned.

For this ranking of NFC North teams’ 2015 NFL Drafts I wanted to get as varied of an analysis of grades from around the web as possible, so I went to many reputable sources.

I specifically referenced seven outlets to find out how the nation feels about this division’s drafts. I obviously included the draft grades given out by ESPN’s Mel Kiper, the king and creator of the entire spectacle. I also looked at what Rob Rang of CBS Sports had to say, as well as what grades Don Banks and Joan Niesen of Sports Illustrated gave the entire division.

Of course I had to see what Bryan Fischer at and Ty Schalter of Bleacher Report thought of the NFC North’s drafts, too. But I didn’t stop there, I snagged the grades from SB Nation’s Dan Kadar as well as the grades given out by NFL Spin Zone’s Co-Editor Joe Soriano for each NFC North team.

Obviously these grades are subjective and may not stand the test of time. Anything can happen and in three years these grades may seem ridiculous, but as of right now it’s all that we have to go by. It should be noted that these outlets have released other draft grades as well, but these pieces–by these writers–are the ones I chose to focus on.

How do your team’s 2015 NFL draft grades stack up to the rest of the Black and Blue Division?

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