Why New York Jets Are On The Right Track


For fans of the New York Jets, 2015 signals more than just another regular season, it signals excitement, enthusiasm and most importantly, hope.

Fans of the New York Jets all seem to speak the same language.

They go through a season riding different waves of emotion just as any other fan-base does. They fly high when things are working out well, and fall down when disaster strikes.

Their language, however, includes words like “same old Jets,” “why me?,” and “I can’t take this team.”

Who could argue with such a pessimistic view?

This is an organization who drafted such epic busts like Blair Thomas, Johnny Lam Jones, Roger Vick, Johnny Mitchell and Vernon Gholston. They are a team who selected Kyle Brady over Warren Sapp and Ken O’Brien instead of Dan Marino.

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They are the sad group who hired Rich Kotite.

Jets fans felt hope and optimism in 2009. This new, boisterous coach named Rex Ryan, brought a new identity to town. It brought two AFC Championship Game appearances along with it.

However, just like most good things do, it came to a end.

Ryan was unable to trend upwards instead of downwards during his tenure. He did a great job of coaching up Eric Mangini’s players, but failed to put his imprint on personnel along with former general manager Mike Tannenbaum.

2015, suddenly, signals even brighter hope.

Not only has new general manager Mike Maccagnan do what John Idzik failed to do (sign free agents of need), he hasn’t failed Jets fans in the 2015 NFL Draft.

In the past – as the ridiculous amount of busts were laid out previously – the Jets would have stared USC defensive lineman Leonard Williams right in the face, and passed on him. They would have tried to outsmart everybody and go with a trendier selection that would fit their positional needs.

Afterwards, they’d let their fan-base know what the ridiculous rationale was behind the pick.

Now, as we witnessed Williams be brought on with open arms, we realize the Jets finally have grownups running the organization.

These guys know when a gift is presented to them, and they took full advantage last week. Despite already having one of the better defensive lines in the game, they said “thank you” to the Washington Redskins and escaped with probably the top overall talent in the pool.

The selection of Williams means so much more to the Jets fan than just adding a great talent. It shows us that the organization is now, finally, in fantastic hands.

While, admittedly, the team is still without the most important ingredient (quarterback), Maccagnan has quickly flipped the script for this fan-base.

When looking at the depth-chart on paper, you’d be hard-pressed to find very many holes. The offensive line is okay, the defensive line is legendary, the linebacking corps can get by, the secondary looks fantastic, and the offensive weapons are more than adequate, especially at the receiver spot.

The only thing left for Maccagnan is to add onto the offensive line, add a game-changer at the edge spot and safety spot, and find his franchise quarterback who can take the Jets to that promised land they haven’t sniffed since 1969.

Whether he can fully get the job done remains to be seen. Only time – which is now fun for the Jets fan – will tell.

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