The Dallas Cowboys’ Jerry Jones is slowly becoming the NFL’s new Al Davis


The NFL has never been short on characters and I’m sure it never will be.

Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboys’ owner, president, and general manager, is the NFL’s most infamous owner and he has been for some time. Although his actions as of late are starting to look more and more like the actions of a former legendary NFL owner. That owner was Al Davis of the Oakland Raiders. Why am I saying that Jones is slowly becoming the new Davis? Well, there are just too many similarities to overlook.

Davis, like Jones, had absolute power and you know what they say about that. However, I want to mention that this isn’t a piece designed to bash either man. The social equality that Davis pushed for is commendable and both owners have seen incredible success in their tenures — it’s just interesting to see how the two have become more alike in recent years.

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We all remember Davis’ famous saying, “Just win baby.” Jones has seemingly adopted that phrase this offseason. The Cowboys have brought in multiple controversial players including Randy Gregory, Greg Hardy, and La’el Collins. Why would a locker room invite in three players that the rest of the NFL was hesitant to bring in because of legal troubles?

Just win baby.

It’s the same reason why Jones desperately wanted to bring Adrian Peterson to Dallas despite his legal troubles. Jones is obsessed with getting back on top, as he won three Super Bowl titles in his first six years as an owner, but hasn’t gotten back to the big game since 1995. Davis knows all about that struggle.

Every year Jones inches closer to being like Davis, an owner that also won three Super Bowl titles, but didn’t again become a champion for the next 28 years until his death in 2011. Jones doesn’t want another fruitless decade to go by, but with each year of not hoisting the Lombardi Trophy he becomes more like Davis.

The similarities between these two men do not stop there.

Both men have their families involved in the franchises and are creating dynasties of sorts. Al Davis’ son, Mark Davis, became heavily involved with the Oakland Raiders and is now the team’s owner. Not to be outdone, Jerry Jone’s sons are also heavily involved with the team. Stephen Jones is the Cowboys’ Executive Vice President/COO/Director of Player Personnel and Jerry Jones, Jr. is the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of the team.

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When he was alive, Davis wasn’t afraid to be a controversial icon and he seemingly enjoyed the spotlight. Does that sound like another current NFL owner? Davis also fought the NFL on multiple issues and even won a few times in court. His rivalry with commissioner Pete Rozelle was well documented. Jones is no stranger to going toe-to-toe with the league either. He isn’t afraid to speak his mind, even if it makes people dislike him.

Both men were not short on confidence, that’s for sure.

At the time of Davis’ death there were only two other owners that had nearly absolute power over their franchises. They were Mike Brown of the Cincinnati Bengals and, you guessed it, Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys. But there is a reason we aren’t talking about Brown and that’s because he, unlike Jones, is nothing like Davis was.

Davis was never able to get his team back atop the mountain after his early success. Time will tell if Jones will be able to, but after only two playoff wins in the last 18 years, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Although Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo did guarantee a Super Bowl in 2015, so I guess we’ll see.

Here’s something else to think about. In 1992, running back Marcus Allen played his final year in Oakland and left the team via free agency. He would go on to score 13 touchdowns in 1993 with the Kansas City Chiefs and make the Pro Bowl. Running Back DeMarco Murray just left the Cowboys in free agency and I wouldn’t be shocked if does the same thing that Allen did in his new home, Philadelphia.

Honestly, just get Jones a velvet tracksuit already and the transformation will pretty much be complete. You may not like Jones or Davis, but you have to admit, the NFL wouldn’t have been the same without them.

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