Baltimore Ravens: Justin Tucker’s Creative Training Is a Win


Justin Tucker has found a creative way to train and prepare for the 2015 NFL season despite not being able to kick footballs at the Baltimore Ravens’ training facility due to NFL and CBA rules. Instead of just hitting the weight room or going for a run, Tucker has found a place to kick the football through the uprights with the community cheering him on.

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As you can see in the video, Tucker found a park to practice at and overtime Ravens fans and the community, including an organization the Ravens have a partnership, became part of his team as he practiced. What’s even better is he recognized this support and made sure to let those who follow him on Twitter know when he would be headed out.

Tucker could have just headed to the park, take his kicks, and leave. Instead, he made his practice a community event and something that both adults and kids will remember during the season. Tucker, like Sam Koch and Joe Flacco, have become “the face” of the organization for not only their great play on their field, but by how they act off the field.

His previous experiences in the NFL will serve him and the Ravens well during the 2015 NFL season. The kids present during Tucker’s impromptu practices helped him create a loud football game environment for his kicks. Yes, it will be louder inside opposing stadiums, but the practice of kicking while people are cheering, screaming, and being loud won’t hurt the veteran kicker.

Tucker’s creative practice as a park nearby his house is one of the best stories to come form the offseason. While the Ravens’ offensive scheme has some questions to ask as training camp is close to beginning, they won’t have to worry about Tucker nor Koch other than to sign the former to a new deal. As we already know, Koch saw his contract extended earlier this offseason. Tucker has shown he is preparing to kick the ball far and long through the uprights and lead the Ravens to another AFC North title, a playoff berth, and possibly an appearance in Super Bowl 50.

We know one Ravens’ player that won’t be rusty when the team reports for training camp and prepare for a successful preseason. That would be Tucker and his creative practice and workout is something that his teammates can learn from. He prepares for a successful season while incorporating the community into his routine.

Doing both is a win-win for not only Tucker but the Ravens organization as well.

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