Denver Broncos: Kyle Williams NFL Career Likely Over At Age 27


Denver Broncos WR Kyle Williams’ NFL career is likely over at 27 years of age.

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The average NFL career length is under four years. By those standards, Williams has had a decent run as he was poised to enter his fifth year on a roster. That said, Williams never lived up to the explosive promise he showed early on with the San Francisco 49ers on both special teams and as a wide receiver.

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Williams tore his Achilles Saturday while practicing special teams and was carted off of the field according to’s Kevin Patra. The most-recent injury spells the end of the 2015 season for Williams who also had back-to-back ACL tears in 2012 and 2013.  After sitting out the entire 2014 season due to a shoulder injury and subsequently being cut by the Kansas City Chiefs, Williams was hoping to resurrect a once-promising special teams career.

When you play skill positions that require: explosion, change of pace, quick burst cuts and top-end speed, two ACL tears and an Achilles tear take their toll on both your body and marketability in a cutthroat league such as the NFL. Even if Williams has a successful rehabilitation process, it’s unlikely any team will take a chance on him given his yearly injury track record.

Williams was reported to be an excellent teammate according to former QB Alex Smith who was happy when the Chiefs picked him up.

Sadly, Williams’ lasting legacy will likely be his two fumbles in the 2011 NFC Championship while with the 49ers against the New York Giants. Fumbles that cost what looked like a dynasty in the making, any chance at glory and will stick in the craw of fans for decades.

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