New Orleans Saints: When will team catch a break?

NEW ORLEANS, LA - NOVEMBER 13: Trevor Siemian
NEW ORLEANS, LA - NOVEMBER 13: Trevor Siemian /

This offseason for the New Orleans Saints has been filled with bad news and it only seems to get worse so when will the team finally get some good news?

The New Orleans Saints are becoming one of the most unlucky teams in the NFL. Every time something good happens, something terrible offsets it. With injuries already piling up, bad predictions and constant talk of their 7-9 seasons, the Saints need something good to happen and finally break this slump.

Injuries are the hugest problem plaguing the Saints right now. So far, they’ve lost three players who are vital to their success. First, the team lost Max Unger for at least a short period of time. Unger was part of the Jimmy Graham trade, but has since become a huge part of the team. He might not be in his prime, but Unger is one of the best at his position and anchors the pass-heavy offense.

Another devasting blow to their o-line was the loss of Terron Armstead. The 25-year old is another key part of the offensive line’s success. Armstead has been injury-prone for most of his career, but this seemed like his breakout year. The most recent injury happened to Nick Fairley, who was diagnosed with a heart condition, seemingly ending his career — but definitively his 2017 season.

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Since all those injuries are pretty serious, many have already started doubting the Saints’ ability to win. Although they have a lot of good players and difference makers, it isn’t enough for their doubters. Many have doubted the abilities of the newly signed Adrian Peterson. Others have questioned the Saints decision to draft Ryan Ramczyk, a move that’s paying off quite nicely. Overall, their ideas have already doomed the Saints to mediocrity.

This isn’t really considered bad news, but a lingering discussion fans and non-fans have alike. The Saints have weathered three consecutive 7-9 seasons. Despite having a great offense led by Drew Brees, the team’s defense has been lackluster.

Every time you turn around, the Saints are getting hit while they’re down. Fortunately, the team doesn’t let it get them down. While the events are unfortunate, they try to work hard and be more than what people say. Despite all their hardships, the team has become a symbol of hope for many people. Hopefully, they can get over their 7-9 season hump, but if not, they’re becoming the team everyone always imagined.

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The Saints more than likely will be getting more bad news this offseason. It’s inevitable at this point, but how they handle themselves is key. Put simply, the Saints deserve a break. Maybe not a huge break, but something to take the pressure off. That’s all we can really ask for, right?