Jacksonville Jaguars: Higher expectations for training camp is good

There are higher expectations for the Jacksonville Jaguars leading up to training camp. This is a good sign.

What a difference that winning will make for a football team. The Jacksonville Jaguars just fell short of their first trip to the Super Bowl. Did anyone think the Jaguars could, especially after training camp last August?

Blake Bortles was the subject of criticism and scrutiny. Remember how the starting quarterback job opened up during training camp? Many people openly remarked about his regression of 2016 and questioned keeping him for 2017.

Bortles went to California to prepare for the season. Whatever he did, was a good thing. He transformed from a panic stricken gunslinger into a quality game managing quarterback.

Since Jacksonville was so close to defeating New England last January, expectations are very high for the 2018 season. Jaguars fans are excited and are expecting a trip to the Super Bowl very soon. That is a good thing for Jacksonville.

Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk reported the following:

… 10,000 new season tickets with the fact that 90 percent of last year’s season ticket holders renewed, the Jaguars are clearly in very good shape to fill up their stadium, … it’s a very good sign that last year’s strong season has heightened fan enthusiasm.

The Jaguars have all their key personnel under contract. They have replenished the roster after free agency and salary cap cuts. Most of all, Bortles appears to be in command of the offense.

Doug Marrone has led this young Jaguars into believing in themselves as contenders. Dave Caldwell has filled the roster with high talented players on both sides of the ball. Also, what a terrific job that Tom Coughlin has done in changing the team’s culture.

It has been a long time since there has been so much excitement for the Jaguars. As training camp nears, there is more focus on reaching for the Lombardi Trophy. Oh, how winning changes everything for the better.