New York Jets: Josh McCown shouldn’t start in preseason opener

If the New York Jets want to give quarterback Josh McCown some playing time Friday night that’s fine, but he shouldn’t start against the Atlanta Falcons in the preseason opener.

According to ESPN’s Rich Cimini, Todd Bowles told 98.5 FM ESPN Radio that all three quarterbacks will play Friday night. There’s only one question. What is the rotation of quarterbacks for the New York Jets against the Atlanta Falcons?

For the Jets the best scenario would see Sam Darnold start to see what he can do against the starters of the Falcons. If Teddy Bridgewater can see time against the starters that too would be ideal. Showcase him for team that may want to deal for him.

Starting McCown accomplishes nothing. We already know what McCown is. He is an accurate passer with limited arm strength who is a viable backup in the NFL. Nothing more, nothing less.

Starting McCown only hinders the growth of Darnold by limiting his time with the starters. That will hinder his ability to develop an in-game rapport with his receivers.

Yes, it’s “only preseason,” and the plays are “vanilla,” but preseason game are much more than wins and losses. It’s about figuring out your teammates in a real game: how they react, and how you should react accordingly.

Say what you will about preseason games, but coaches and teammates can glean a lot from them. It’s all a part of the learning, and any chance you can get to learn with the top players on the team is only a benefit.

Both Darnold and Bridgewater need as much time with the starters for different reasons. If another team wants to pick up Bridgewater, they’re going to have to show how he holds up to the hits of the top guys, and Darnold needs to develop if they’re going to start him early in 2018.

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In the end, the future of this organization is just delayed for the time McCown starts under center, even if it’s just for one series. It’s time to run this organization right. Think about the future. If Darnold doesn’t start, then Bridgewater does. Period.

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