2020 NFL Draft: Creating the perfect spread offense from prospects

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If you were to create the perfect spread offense using only 2020 NFL Draft prospects, which players would make the 11-man grouping?

It’s summertime, which means that the 2020 NFL Draft evaluation period is well underway. For the next several months, scouts/evaluators are going to be salivating over the talent, production and physical makeup of their favorite future draft prospects.

What’s lost in translation is just how guys fit. I am not in the business of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. So we are going to consider the perfect scheme fit into potential NFL offenses and defenses in a series of explorations.

We start into this series with the spread offense. A broad term, the spread offense does exactly what it says it does — spreads a defense out.

My version of the spread offense is going to be shotgun based to establish easy vision for the quarterback. Equipped with a zone-based running scheme, my offensive set will be mostly a one-back scheme working out of a 3-by-1 set, meaning I will be operating out of trips mostly with one of my better wide receivers to the lone receiver side (the boundary). This will provide a ton of one-on-one opportunities for that single receiver placed strategically away from the more crowded side of the field.

Operating a zone-based running scheme will call for a very athletic set of offensive linemen who are ready to take a ton of reach steps and double teams in order to find their marks. A running back with astute vision is paramount, as well as one who has the ability affect the passing game in a variety of ways. And, most importantly, I need an athletic trigger man who has the ability to hurt the defense with both his legs and his arm.

So which 2020 NFL Draft prospects fit the billing? Follow long my friends, as I create the perfect 2020 NFL Draft spread offense.