New England Patriots: 3 Players that must shine vs. Jets in Week 7

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2. Patriots defense

Although this isn’t specifically an individual player, one group that is going to have to step up and shine for the New England Patriots this week while they attempt to remain undefeated on the year is the defense as a whole.

When looking at New England, its offense is always the first thing you credit its success to and its ability to outscore opponents week-in and week-out. But so far this season, the Patriots’ defensive unit has been one of, if not the best defensive groups in the NFL.

The New England defense has done a stellar job nearly every week through six contests, holding oppositions in check and making things difficult for them in every game up to this point in the 2019 campaign.

The Patriots have also done a really nice job of being able to hold opponents out of the end zone coming into Week 7, often limiting them to just a field goal if and when they are able to reach the red zone and threaten to score in any given contest.

On Monday Night Football against the Jets, New England’s defense is going to once again have to step up and shine to help lead things in the contest against the AFC East opponent in New York.

A week ago against Dallas, New York got its quarterback, Sam Darnold, back after battling mono and that provided somewhat of a spark and boost for the Jets offense against the Cowboys en route to grabbing their first win of the season.

With Darnold and New York’s offense gaining confidence, it will be key for the Patriots defense to try and squash any of that confidence that Darnold and company are carrying and try and keep the Jets in check this week like they have been able to do against numerous other opponents so far this season while enjoying an undefeated start through six weeks.