Chicago Bears: 5 Quarterback trade options to save season

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Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals

If the Chicago Bears decide to move on from Trubisky they’ll need to find someone in the draft. Whoever they pick up probably won’t be ready to go right away. If that’s the case, then Andy Dalton could be a great bridge quarterback.

Yes, the Bears tried that with Mike Glennon and he couldn’t go more than four games, but Dalton is a proven quarterback with some success. His numbers might be bad this season (8 touchdowns and 8 interceptions) but he’s playing on a bad team without any receiving targets and without any running game. He should do better with the weapons on this Bears team.

NFL Network’s Andrew Siciliano came up with this idea.

Dalton’s final season is next year. He’s owed $8 million for the rest of this season and $17 million next season. He’d be great to stand in for a season. The Bengals have their 2019 draft pick Ryan Finley waiting in the wings. They need to put him in and see if he is an option for them or if they need to grab someone else with their likely high pick in the upcoming draft. They’re sure to pick in the top five so they have to decide if one of the quarterbacks coming out is better than Finley.

It might be a good thing to see if Dalton, surrounded many weapons and an elite defense, can take a team further than he has in his career so far.