Chicago Bears: Time to end the Mitch Trubisky experiment

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Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images /

After three seasons and not seeing any improvements, it is now time for the Chicago Bears to cut their losses and move on from Mitch Trubisky.

The mood around the Chicago Bears is gloomy. The team is on a three-game losing streak. A once-promising season now looks like a dumpster fire. Gone are thoughts of competing for a Super Bowl appearance. Heck, just competing for a playoff spot is gone as well.

There is plenty of blame to go around for this collapse. The offensive line has struggled, the running game is practically nonexistent, the defense isn’t the super-elite unit it was last season, and the quarterback seems to be regressing.

That last part is something that really hurts the team. In order to compete for a title, you need a dependable quarterback. He doesn’t have to be Joe Montana or Tom Brady, but he has to handle the offense and make plays when needed.

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This has not happened with Mitchell Trubisky. He’s in his third season but he’s making the same mistakes continuously every season. He got a pass in his first season because former head coach John Fox did nothing to help him with his passing. Last season, he was in the first season of current head coach Matt Nagy’s system. He had moments but still needed to improve more.

This season, however, the coaches stated that Trubisky had a firm grasp of the offense and was more confident in his decisions. We didn’t see that in the preseason since he didn’t throw any passes. Once the season started, though, we haven’t seen that either. He looks more confused, makes bad decisions and still has trouble making basic passes and hitting the open receiver.

In Week 7, we saw arguably Trubisky’s worst game. With him leading the way, the Bears had 83 yards of total offense through three quarters. He picked up a ton of yards during garbage time so it looked a lot better than it actually was.

Going into Week 8, Trubisky had to have a good game. While the Bears dominated the numbers overall, Trubisky couldn’t hit his receivers in the end zone and the team had to settle for field goals instead of touchdowns. In the fourth quarter, with the Bears nursing a lead, Trubisky threw an interception on a severely underthrown pass, overthrew a wide-open receiver that would certainly have resulted in a touchdown, then lost a fumble on the next play.

These are not plays that a competent quarterback makes. Trubisky looks confused and has awful footwork. Both he and Nagy talked about it after the Week 7 loss yet we saw the same thing.

After seeing Trubisky struggle like this it’s time for both parties to go their separate way. The Chicago Bears cannot take more time trying to figure out if Trubisky is the guy. The more time they take to decide the more the team plummets.

Remember what the Dolphins are going through now. They took seven years to decide that Ryan Tannehill wasn’t the franchise quarterback they needed. In that time, the Dolphins dropped from playoff contenders to tanking the season to find another player to become the franchise quarterback.

The Bears still have a good team. The defense, while not being as great as last season, still is an elite unit. They rank fifth in points allowed, and that is despite having to spend a ton of time on the field. The Bears also have a good running back in David Montgomery and dependable receivers. What they need is a quarterback to put things together.

Trubisky isn’t that quarterback.

Because of that, the Bears need to make a change. As of this writing, they haven’t made a move on the trade deadline, and I don’t believe they’ll make one at quarterback. However, they need to do something in the offseason. They need to look through free agency and/or find something in the draft.

Nagy is still behind Trubisky but even he acknowledges that the clock is ticking, per the Chicago Sun-Times:

"“You’re talking about a kid that, he wants it really bad — he really, truly cares. And I told you on how I am and what I’ve learned on how you need to be with quarterbacks. But at the same time, there’s also an accountability. There’s that balance of, when is it time? And when do you want to start seeing that type of stuff? And I think we’re getting close to that, and he knows that.”"

I like Trubisky’s attitude. He’s a good kid and it looks like he is certainly trying to improve. It just isn’t happening. As good of a kid as he is, if he isn’t producing on the field you can’t keep throwing him out there. Things are so bad for him now that any mention of his name causes a chorus of boos. His career in Chicago should end in nine weeks.

There are thoughts of starting him the rest of the way. The Bears already said he’s starting this week in Philadelphia against the Eagles. There is one problem with that, though. If he does just good enough for the coaches to want to give him another chance, they’ll waste another season.

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The Chicago Bears need to be decisive in making a change. No need to be here four years from now still trying to decide if Trubisky is the guy. If that happens, they would have wasted the good assets they currently have and we’ll again have a Chicago Bears team that is irrelevant.