Colin Kaepernick: Ranking 11 teams attending workout as landing spots

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5. Cleveland Browns

2019 was supposed to be the year in which Baker Mayfield took a major leap forward with the Cleveland Browns after the team made a key move in the offseason by bringing Odell Beckham Jr. on board in a trade with the New York Giants.

Take Beckham’s talent along with the fact that Mayfield already had Nick Chubb and Jarvis Landry to work with, it was easy to understand why expectations were so high for the Browns this season.

To say that Cleveland has been a disappointment for the most part in 2019 would be a huge understatement, but at least Mayfield has shown progress over the last two contests, both of which resulted in wins for the Browns.

Time will tell when it comes to determining whether Mayfield turns out to be the answer that Cleveland patiently waited for all these years, but it can’t hurt for the Browns to prepare otherwise just in case by exploring any potential quarterback that could be a fit.

Obviously, the Browns are going to continue sticking with Mayfield since he’s only scratching the surface of their potential, but when seeing how Garrett Gilbert is currently the backup, no wonder Cleveland will be in attendance on Saturday to see Kaepernick.