New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees’ post-injury play proves his greatness

Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images /

Despite his month-long injury, Drew Brees’ return has to the helm of the New Orleans Saints has been impressive, further proving his greatness.

The 2019 season was supposed to be the year of Drew Brees and, in many ways, it was — but in several others, it was not. As the leader of the New Orleans Saints, Brees has not only become a symbol for the team but also for the city. That’s why his injury early in the season felt so devasting but, thankfully, it didn’t derail the team as many imagined. Rather, it made them a lot stronger.

If anything, it seemed to make Brees a lot stronger, too. Since coming back from injury, Brees has played some incredible football. Despite being out for an extended period of time, he’s been playing at the top-tier of the quarterback world.

Maybe taking time off was the key to that, but either way, his performances since returning from injury have been magnificent. The way Brees has bounced back proves he’s among the best who have ever done it.

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In looking at the previous week’s games, it’s hard to ignore his return in which Brees took on the Arizona Cardinals. In that game, Brees looked like he hasn’t missed any time. He was as sharp and on-point as ever. He finished the game with 373 passing yards, a completion percentage of 79.1 and finished the game with three touchdowns and one interception. Considering that the score was 31-9, it was obvious that Brees was in control.

Another game that proves Brees’ greatness was the game against the 49ers. Even though the Saints lost, it was incredibly close and most of the blame seemed to fall on the defense. Brees was one of the bright spots as he played arguably the best he’s ever played.

He finished the game with five touchdowns to zero interceptions, threw for almost 400 passing yards and held a completion percentage of 72.5. Brees worked his magic to get them out of multiple jams during that game even though it ultimately didn’t save them. Either way, it was an impressive game for Brees.

Of course, no talk about Brees’ greatness would be complete without talking about his game against the Colts. Not only did he finish the game with the NFL’s most passing-touchdowns ever but he tied Philip Rivers for the single-game completion percentage.

He finished the game with only one incomplete pass along with four touchdown passes and 307 yards passing. It was another amazing game as we’ve all come to expect. It was an impressive milestone for Brees and a great team win for the Saints.

Last week’s game was another highlight for Brees as well. While he took some time for him to get started, Brees heated up and never looked back. He finished the game with three touchdowns to zero interceptions and almost 280 yards passing.

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In the second half of the game, Brees managed to find Thomas who broke a record of his own. It seemed like the Titans were going to upset the Saints, but Brees proved that his greatness is not to be questioned.

Rather, he showed how well he can handle adversity. This season has been all about adversity for Brees who was overcoming an injury before coming back in a blaze of glory. Since his return, he’s been playing like the MVP. It’s wild to imagine how well he could’ve been if he wouldn’t have been injured. While many might not see Brees as the GOAT, there is no denying his greatness.